Old Goat Review, 2434 Eastern Avenue, Grand Rapids Michigan - Aug 9 2015

Lots of hype, glorified foods, broderline bad service and not worth the $42 including tip

Grand Rapids Michigan Apartment Painter - Jun 23 2015, Updated: Jun 25 2015

Locating an apartment painter is not the easiest in Grand Rapids. I have located a one man operation that did an excellent job. His name was Tim Arkema and his phone number is (616) 427-3296

Discount Tire Company - Adds $8.50 to Every Tire Sold - Jun 14 2015

I looking for an apartment in Grand Rapids Michigan and I needed to new tires. Stopped on 28th street in Wyoming and had two tires installed. Reviewed my receipt and noticed a $17.00 fee for “refund, replacement”. Made an inquiry and heard the standard sale pitch and realized this is corporate greed at its best. Discount Tire Company installs a tire and adds $8.50 to the bill without asking me the purchaser.

Are Google apartment results fixed? - Jun 14 2015

I am looking for an apartment in Grand Rapids Michigan and apartmentguide.com and rent.com continue to appear in the number one spot within the results on Google. Something is wrong here because no matter what I search, one bedroom, cheap apartments, three bedrooms, etc., rent.com or apartmentguide.com appears at the top or near the top on Google results. Both websites have the same management or owners.

No more $100 Cash Rebate from Rent.com - Jun 9 2015

Another great business falls because of greed. Rent.com was a super star when established. Back in the day, the company’s gross revenues were $80+ million a year. Unfortunately, new ownership has taken the company to an advertising business model verses a pay for performance model.

Where To Rent In Kentwood, Michigan - Have You Looked At Townhomes? - Jan 27 2015, Updated: Jun 9 2015

Are townhomes a good fit for you and your family?

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